About Us

The right technical partner for achieving optimal continuity in mining and industrial operations

With more than 85 years of accumulated expertise and unchallenged leadership in delivering the fastest, most efficient, durable and therefore more cost-effective interventions, Soucy Industriel has earned its reputation as the right partner for achieving optimal continuity in mining and industrial operations at businesses in Eastern Canada.

Unique advantages

In 2015, Soucy Industriel is known for its

  • Cutting-edge knowledge and unique expertise in the repair, maintenance, reconditioning and custom fabrication of industrial and heavy equipment
  • Its fully mobile fleet of advanced equipment, ensuring unparalleled response time
  • Its proven efficiency in rapidly resolving its clients’ technical issues, whether they are simple or complex
  • Its clear commitment to offering optimized, high-calibre service to mining and industrial clients
  • The tangible value it adds in reducing idle time and improving productivity, yielding substantial gains for clients’ bottom lines

Our mission

Optimize and ensure the continuity of mining and industrial operations in Quebec and Ontario through the use of the most appropriate and advanced repair, maintenance, reconditioning and custom fabrication techniques, to deliver productivity, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Through its mission, Soucy Industriel seeks to:

  • Innovate.. By developing the most efficient, cost-effective and durable solutions in the industry.
  • Optimize. Through the continuous improvement of repair, maintenance and reconditioning techniques to deliver high-calibre work that is executed ever more efficiently.
  • Respect. By maintaining the highest quality, safety and environmental standards in every intervention. By respecting its clients, their processes and their facilities at all times.
  • Secure. By maintaining stringent occupational health and safety standards, and through continuous employee development.
  • Maintain. By preserving flawless financial strength to provide clients with trust, flexibility, and ongoing services.

Our 2020 vision drives us every day

Be recognized as a Canadian leader in on-site repair, maintenance, reconditioning and custom fabrication in the mining and industrial sector, by demonstrating strong, dynamic leadership in innovation, excellence and client satisfaction..

The values that guide our actions

Six core values underpin Soucy Industriel’s actions, which are shared by its entire team and embedded in its recruiting process:

  • Dynamism and inspiration
    A dynamic organization whose proactive approach and innovation inspires the industrial and heavy equipment repair, maintenance, reconditioning and custom fabrication industry to achieve more over time.
  • Accountability
    A reliable team that is always committed to its clients.
  • Teamwork
    Resources who work together and with clients to deliver impeccable coordination on site.
  • Stringency
    An organization whose professionalism takes centre stage with high-calibre work performed in compliance with commitments, all the time.
  • Transparency
    An organization that cares about providing clients with accurate, transparent information, because that is how trusting relationships are built.
  • Respect
    A team that meets its commitments to quality and speed, and makes respect for colleagues, partners and clients the focus of its actions.