On-site machining

Cutting-edge approach, unparalleled cost effectiveness. At Soucy Industriel, we stand out for our on-site machining process designed to eliminate the substantial, costly work sequences comprised in equipment breakdown and reinstallation and time devoted to transporting parts between the site and shop. With our innovative approach, Soucy Industriel allows organizations to carry out a wide range of machining work on site, delivering unparalleled efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In tandem with these benefits, Soucy Industriel has developed a one-step, automated welding, boring and machining process which reduces handling needs and results in further efficiency gains on site. With a full array of mobile automated welding equipment** and team of more than 50 specialty welders, Soucy Industriel also offers clients the opportunity to have automated welding work performed on site, at heights, in confined spaces and in hazardous environments, on large equipment or cylindrical shafts; the work’s quality is akin to the quality yielded with robotic processes in controlled environments.

Sample on-site industrial machining contexts:

Large flange machining

Valve polishing

3-axis milling


* Machining of all types of flanges, valve polishing, boring, lathing, 3-axis milling, keyways, etc.

** Plasma cutting table, flame cutting table, automated welding on standard and off-standard facing and cylindrical shafts, portable boring tools, etc.

*** Specialized tools for high fire risk environments

Soucy on-site machining advantages

  • Work done on site, eliminating substantial work sequences
  • Substantial reduction to maintenance, repair and assembly costs/li>
  • Substantially shorter lead times/li>
  • Durable turnkey work backed by all required certifications