Intervention context

Proven efficiency for simple, complex and highly specialized jobs in the industrial and mining sector

With 6 million dollars invested, ongoing training for its teams and nearly 3000 major projects completed over the last 5 years, Soucy Industriel delivers cutting-edge expertise and proven methods for dealing with simple, complex and highly-specialized needs in the repair, maintenance, reconditioning and custom fabrication of industrial and heavy equipment.

Assistance with plant and new production line start-ups

Draw on complete technical support to speed up your project launch. Soucy Industriel constantly strives to improve clients’ productivity and deliver efficiency gains, and has developed a specialization in plant and new production line start-ups. With its integrated mechanical, electromechanical and electrical knowledge, Soucy Industriel makes the real-time adjustments required to meet technical specifications and bring new mining and industrial installations to full performance.

Some examples of the work we are often called to do:

Technical adjustments on manufacturer recommendations

Equipment securement, structural inspection

Realignment of conveyors and motors

Adjustment of mill lining

Soucy start-up assistance advantages

  • Cutting-edge expertise in mechanical and fabrication adjustments, execution speed
  • Real-time adjustments, shorter commissioning time
  • More cost-effective
  • Turnkey work backed by a versatile team with full certification (ISO-9001, ASME, CWB, etc.)